Vivexotic Reptilie Vivarium setup UK

Vivexotic Reptilie Home Maxi Vivarium (Medium) Black. Wayne's TerraWorld Rolf C Hagen (UK) Ltd Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK

Vivexotic Vivarium Maxi Medium. Aspen bedding and UV Light.

If you’re about to set up your first vivarium, here’s my blog and simple guide.


We got hold of a Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi Vivarium in Black. It is quite stunning and sleek design that can be stacked up together to utilize space.


Longer enclosures are ideal for varied temperature for the likes of a Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, or corn stake.


What is needed:

Vivexotic Reptilie Home Maxi Vivarium (Medium) Black. Wayne's TerraWorldMedium Size: W: 86.2cm x D: 49 x H: 56.1cm


Featuring non-peelable laminate and toughened glass for long lasting quality experience.

Mimics a natural desert-like environment.

Larger rails for a deeper substrate and less obtrusive lighting installation.

Easy vent ventilation system.

Cable access holes for up to 3 cables each side.


Snake Asped bedding substrate. Wayne's TerraWorldItems required.


Aspen bedding or Cocunut Tropical Terrain

Tropical Sand for some species.


Hydrometer - Aim to keep between 60/80% humidity.

Water Bowl

UV Light



Overheating can be very dangerous and potentially fatal for reptiles. Monitoring the temperature inside your vivarium is essential.

Temperature Thermometer deluxe lucky reptile. Wayne's TerraWorld Unit 3 Heathmill Enterprise Centre, WombourneDigital Thermometer Deluxe with two probes.


Will help you setup a thermal gradient, checking the hot or cold end.


Recommended and available to Buy today.


Infrared Heat Light for Lizards Tortoise Snake.

heat mat


Temperature Thermostat This makes it easy to keep temperatures at required level such as 32c

Living Earth Habistat MicroClimate Thermostate B Series. Wayne's TerraWorld Unit 3 Heathmill Enterprise Centre, WombourneDigital Thermostsats regulate temperature.
  • Precise control of any heat source up to 600w by using advanced microprocessor technology
  • Gradually varies the power supplied to the heat source for a smooth change in temperature
  • A recessed temperature control adjuster which prevents accidental temperature changes
  • Yellow LED provides real time feedback as to how much power is being supplied


Getting a Leopard Gecko, Lizard or Snake

Check you local online map for reptiles.


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