Exo Terra Reptile Gecko Terrarium setup

Exo Terra Terrarium. The plants: Mothers Tongue, Stromanthe Triostar and succulents.

If you’re about to set up your first terrarium, here’s my blog and simple guide.


Geckos are small lizards belonging to the infraorder Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world. These are one of the easiest to look after as they require no additional heat compared to Lizards. Being crepuscular/nocturnal, they will be asleep during the day and wake up in the evening.


Can you keep a gecko as a pet? Yes, geckos that are most often kept as pets are usually under a foot long and have lifespans between 10 and 20 years.

Feeding is easier with Crested geckos as they eat mostly fruit and occasionally crickets, locust, mealworms and other small insects.

Keep the Temperature at between 21°C and 26°C.


What is needed:

Exo Terra Reptile Terrarium 60 x 45 cm small Bio substrate Hydro balls tropical soil keeping a lizard gecko or Flying gecko. Wayne's TerraWorld Rolf C Hagen (UK) Ltd Castleford, West Yorkshire, UKExo Terra Terrarium plus lights. 60cm height will be required for an adult.


A glass terrarium is best suited for species that require moisture and the humidity. Some Geckos are arboreal, so will need a teller cage of 60cm or more.


A heat lamp or mat is not essential for crested geckos, but it has been shown to help prevent problems including floppy tail syndrome (FTS).

UV lighting is more important for bone although most supplements contain vitamin D3 which improves activity, appetite, and overall health.


Bio substrate Hydro balls tropical soil. Wayne's TerraWorldItems required.



You will need to add live plants and Springtails to the soil along with some Woodlice, Meal-worms, Morios. They eat any waste produced by the crested gecko.



Succulent Jade plant Crassula 'Hobbit' Gecko Terrarium. Wayne's TerraWorldSucculent Jade plant Crassula 'Hobbit'

Must be safe for reptiles. The ones I have used are:

Mother-in-law's tongue (Dracaena trifasciata) also known as the snake plant.

Stromanthe triostar which is native to tropical portions of the Americas.

Crassula ovata 'Hobbit' Succulent.

Others can be from the genus of Aeonium, Echeveria, or Haworthia.



There are various “complete” crested gecko diets available suchs as Repashy or Pangea.



Overheating can be very dangerous and potentially fatal for reptiles. Monitoring the temperature inside your vivarium is essential.

Temperature Thermometer deluxe lucky reptile. Wayne's TerraWorld Unit 3 Heathmill Enterprise Centre, WombourneDigital Thermometer Deluxe with two probes.


Will help you setup a thermal gradient, checking the hot or cold end. Dial Thermometer


Recommended and available to Buy today.


Hydrometer - Monitors the humidity which needs to be between 60/80%.

Water Spray Bottle for misting and creat more moisture.

Feeding Ledge / Tubs


Heat Mats and Temperature Thermostats

MicroClimate Habistat ProRep Heat mats Living Earth Temperature Dimming Thermostate Series. Wayne's TerraWorld Unit 3 Heathmill Enterprise Centre, WombourneHeat mats controlled by thermostats.


Getting a Gecko or Amphibian

Check you local online map for reptiles.



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