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AntiVirus Security and Firwall ProtectionAV Audio and Video Media Playing SoftwareAudio Chat and MessagingChat Free GamesGames Free Operating SystemsOS Small Business Office SoftwareOffice Webpage Design ToolsHMTL Webcam CommunicationsCams PC SecuritySecure SMS MessagingMobile
2.9 MB Free
EasyFreeWebCam FULL Version 3.6.7
Have your own very easy to use web cam on the Internet. It`s easy to set up and runs without hassle in the background while you do other things.
2.1 MB Free
Eyeball Chat 2.3 Recommended Choice
Eyeball Chat enables any user to communicate live and face-to-face with another user over the Internet for free. All that is needed is an Internet connection and a standard webcam to connect to another friend or family member worldwide.
3.7 MB Share
ICUALL 4.2Recommended Choice
Full-color, MMX-optimized, IP-based video conferencing system you can use to communicate with others through video, audio, and text chatting. ICUII includes a Quick Message function that can send audio, text, and/or a video image to any user on the directory, or to your Pal list. Other features include Caller ID, a "do not disturb" option, a buddy list, a 320-by-240-pixel viewing screen, content filters, and global listings. ICUII can be used with ICQ's Internet Phones/Games option.
5 MB Free
im4cam 3.5 - Communicate with your friends and family with audio and video on your PC.
7 MB Share
iSpQ VideoChat 8
The main feature list of iSpQ includes V-Mail, Video instant messaging, ICQ compatibility, Multi-person videoconferencing, Visual Text Chat Rooms, Pal lists, directories, and Visual User Profiles.
4 MB Free
MSN Messenger Service 9
Download this feature-packed instant messenger and chat with text,Webcam video, voice, or free long distance.
2 MB Free
Paltalk 9.6 Recommended ChoiceRecommended Choice
Communicate worldwide via audio/video conferencing using any Internet connection.
844 Kb Free
WebcamNow Video Broadcaster 4.0
Broadcasting software, hosting and chat.
250K Free
WebCam 2000 1.67
Freely distributed open source software for Windows 95, 98, Me!, NT, 2000, and XP that serves images from any video capture device connected to a computer. WebCam2000 can serve pictures as either JPEG or bitmap (BMP) and can include complete HTTP headers or serve the image "raw". The second case is particularly useful when you want to perform further processing on the image; for example by using WebCam2000 as a back-end to a CGI script. One important thing to note is that the WebCam2000 is for people with a live internet connection only: the current version does not have the ability to dial-up an ISP and FTP upload an image.
2.6 Mb Free
Download Here
Yahoo Messenger 9.0
Instantly communicate with all your online friends using custom avatars and IMVironments.
XFqcam 1.02
Use a Connectix QuickCam under Linux
844 Kb Free
WebcamNow Video Broadcaster 4.0
Broadcasting software, hosting and chat.
Download Below525 Kb iVisit (PPC) 2.3b6
Multi-party Internet video chat application that brings people together to enjoy face-to-face communication via their personal computers.
Download Below430 Kb WebCamToo1.4
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