VIVITAR DVR 988HD 360 4K Cam

VIVITAR DVR 988HD 360 4K Action Cam Review & Rating Video Tests
News We was given wrong product and we changed to Samsung Gear 360

Vivitar's DVR 988HD 360 Cam features two 12.1MP lenses, one on each side, for an all around 360 capture


With built-in Wi-Fi, it is easy to connect to smartphones and tablets and share images and movies from your camera directly with friends, family or social media!


We found we could download videos to the phone via the app, but we could not find them in the phones usual folders for media.


In windows 10 we found that the movie player could move around the 360 view, even though the manual suggested we would not be able to. So this was a good thing.


Uploading videos to Youtube did not allow a decent view, it could not be rotated inside the video and was two circles which would look better viewed with VR goggles.


One feature under System > Card info, was great at identifying the cards Class, we used two cards and it gave the correct X10 or X4 accordingly. Also displaying the free space.

The menus had no option to view files or change resolutions.



  • 12.1 MP PHOTOS 
  • 4K & 1080p HD resolution for crystal clear photos and video recording
  • 2.0" preview screen to playback and view all the captured memories
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (Video streaming & control) enables connectivity to the corresponding app to view and share your content with others
  • 360 degree recording angle so you don't miss a single bit of the action around you


To be edited waiting for product testing

I read on currys that is is 4K Ultra HD 4096 x 2160p, but looking at the video taken it turned out less at 1920 x 960p


Photos are 12MP = 3008 x 1504 , although currys startes image resolution is 4290 x 2800p.




  • The zoom stops down to f/4.0, which reduces the camera's low-light performance
  • Battery compartment lid does not auto clip shut
  • Lens cover falls of easily


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