Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus Studio 18

Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus Studio 18 2019Video & Movie Editing Software

We trial video editing software that has up-to-date features.


The Movavi’s video maker combines many possibilities for working with multimedia.


Video Editor, Video Editor Plus 15, 360 editor, and Video Suite 18.

All of which can be tried for free.


The video suite includes the Video Editor Plus, Converter, and a Screen Recorder. But seems not to include the 360.


hardware accelleration options are clear. video edting movavi.Hardware acceleration options are clear.


Videos can be exported in many formats, plus an option to upload to youtube, google drive, but do not use vimeo.


hardware encoding codecs h265 and h264. video edting movavi.Ability to choose mp4 encoding quality.


Encodes in the newer H.265 mp4 codec, which as expected took longer to compile, but surprisingly no reduction in file size.

Exporting as mp4, the file size was 0,98gb in size.
Exporting H.264 mp4, the file size was 1.13gb.
Exporting H.265 mp4, the file size was 1.32gb took 5 minutes.
Exporting WebM, the file size was only 157MB which took 9 minutes. A massive saving of 1GB, even though before render it suggested the video output would have been 1.87 Gb.


The video is unable to playback in windows 10 unless the (paid for) HEVC Video extensions from microsoft are installed.



Another thing we noticed on our first time exiting the software was an error message reporting that the software had not closed properly. It did not re-appear.


After activation on exit, we still got prompted to activate. Click close to restart it.


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