Vacuum Cleaners Cordless upright Technology

Mum unboxes and demonstrates the VAX Blade 2 MAX.

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While buying your next vacuum cleaner might not seem like a very big decision, making the right choice to suit you can save you a lot of hassle - and money - in the future.


There is competion out there, one is VAX, and the other ROIDMI has become the leader of cordless vacuum cleaner industry in China.


Vacumm Cleaners Cordless upright Technology


VAM Max Blade 2 Specs


Run time: 45 minutes
Battery type Lithium-ion
2 accessories included
Power: 40 V
Weight: 3.1 kg
Capacity: 0.6 litres

Vacumm Cleaners Cordless upright Technology

Brushless DC Motor is designed to maximise cleaning efficiency and performance.


It even has Dustracker LED lights that illuminate darker areas so you can always be sure you didn't miss a spot. with Washable & replaceable filter and wall mountable.



Vacumm Cleaners Cordless upright Technology

The New Vax Core Processor monitors power up to 1000 times a second, helping to give you the best performance possible on both carpet and hardfloor.


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