UK Broadband speed tests

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There are several sites for testing Connection speeds, here are some of the best.


Broadband Speed Tests

Click here for Ofcom Mobile 4G checker / Ofcom Broadband Speedchecker


Moneysupermarket - have to enter an email to use. thumbs down.


uSwitch - Free-to-use service that analyses your broadband speed in seconds. Gives stats on your area. We found this to be stable and easy to use. - Unofficial but very popular


UK Broadband- Stuttery and gave incorrect upload speeds.


How does the internet speed test work?

When you start the speed test, our StreetStats tool checks your broadband speed by downloading and uploading dummy "packets" of data sent to our UK servers via "pings".


Factors that may affect the accuracy of your broadband speed measurement include:

  • Downloads - Make sure you are not downloading anything on your computer. This can adversely affect average speeds during the test



BT have released two new broadband propositions on-site: one for recent homemovers & one for students. Please find more details below:

BT Homemovers Broadband Proposition

Moving home? with Superfast Fibre in a customer's new place they'll get their first month free and savings of over £100 (with nothing upfront).



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