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Don’t Get Caught Out by phone sales scammers!

Scammers are currently contacting Virgin Mobile customers, offering a 30% discount and bung in a phone well under the selling price

Mobile FoneHouse get Angry Feedback after multiple attempts by Scammers in over Two Years

They may be targeting other mobile network providers. They also have phases of targeting broadband, which can worsen because they try to access people’s computers.

Listen to the video with the scam recorded. And Fonehouse talking about the issue.

We spoke to a Fonehouse representative who said “it’s an awful thing they are doing” We advise customers of fraud to speak to their bank fraud department.

We have even had customers say they had spoofed our number.

(Read Spoof Fraud website taken down and 100 arrests in UK)

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They usually sell a high-end phone but send out an older model, so that it appears like a mistake has been made. But they ask to send it back and that is where it goes quiet, or they say they will refund but charge again if the customer wants it now.

Last year criminals used the Carphone Warehouse brand to defraud people out of their money.

In October 2021 Virgin Media and 02 signed up to the UK’s Telecomms Sector Fraud Charter, where they are leading cross-industry initiatives and working directly with the Government to help protect people from the growing threat of fraud. They say this program will deliver real, tangible benefits to consumers. 

If anyone receives a call allegedly from Virgin Media or O2, and they have a concern over the callers’ identity, hang up before calling us back directly to validate the call.

Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and let them know.

Find out more at:

O2’s dedicated Fraud and Security pages:

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