How can Android 8 Oreo be better than Nougat 7

Android Oreo  Picture-in-Picture, AutoFill, Wi-Fi Aware, multi-display support and smart sharing could be more than enough to trump Android Nougat.

In general any new software release should be “better” than its predecessor.


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Again it has been named after a sugary snacks. But aside from that how exactly is it better?


Android 8.0 Oreo has some under the hood improvements, but what about the part you can see.


Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) - already available on Android TV but the feature for mobile.


Autofill Framework - Input assistance > Autofill service.


Automatic per app disk space quota for cached data - When the system needs to free up disk space, it will start by deleting cached files from apps that have exceeded their allocated quota.


learn about a users’ sharing preferences

Some smart mobile phones with android marshmallow is already predicting and learning.

But this is being enhanced and improved.


Android Oreo supports Wi-Fi Aware, also known as Neighbor Awareness Networking or NAN. 


One feature mentioned we really like to see expand is multi-display support.

If an app is running on a device with multiple displays and an activity supports multi-window mode then users can move the activity from one display to another.


ndroid Oreo is built on Project Treble, which modularizes Android into a platform (Google) part and a vendor (OEM) part, which means framework updates can be rolled out faster.




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