Nespresso Vertuo Plus M600 by Magimix

A good offer with 100 pre-selected complimentary capsules plus two months free subscription.


We chose this coffee machine for its with CENTRIFUSION™ Technology, and this model for the chrome trim.


There seems to be some confusion to what the capacity is. The smaller one is 1.2l, and the larger one 1.8l, but with the same name and price some online stores listed them as 1.6L. We thought we was getting the later, but in the manual it says it is 1.7L. Seems we will have to measure it.


nespresso complaints website fail


How To Register a MagiMix

You must be registered and logged in. Then go to My Machines where you will see various models, select VertuoPlus then scroll to down and you will see "choose your machine color" (spelt in american). Now this is where we go stuck initially, so choose the one that is the same design.

nespresso complaints website failThe MagiMix brand is not mentioned, but is a VertuoPlus machine.


The MagiMix is the flat top, and round top is Krups. Click that and then you need to enter the serial number which is found underneath the machine. Select online if the store option goes red.


Our Experience

Just after registering an account we were presented with a choice of machines which I might be interested in, so I chose the type I had purchased.

Later I found it rather strange that when clicking order capsules, that the page had defaulted to original and not the Vertuo. Another thing the company could improve for the online experience.


I wanted to register the device before subscribing to get my Free 100 capsules.

Clicking on my name at the top of the page, a list drops down with options and one of them is to "add a Machine".

On the following page a range of models are shown, I then clicked Vertuo but this turned out to be a disappointment because it did not show the MagiMix.


I called the technical line who kindly offered to register it for us over the phone, but we did not want them to do this because anyone would expect the website to have a working option for all models. The lady on the phone had a look and agreed this is something that needs to be looked into, she commented "customers are phoning us with similar issues with the website".


They gave me an email to send them the screenshot. On twitter we specifically pointed out we did not want it registered by them, but during writing this page I went back to check something and could not believe they had added two products, neither of which were what I had. (These were later removed.)


I phone back "The coffee Specialists are busy" and after 20 minutes my calls was answered by Martin, and I would like to add how polite and understanding the call staff are.


Martin said My feedback is important to help improve the service, and it will be passed on so it can be looked into. In the meantime he is sending us samples to help us with our video review.


A week later and I have not seen any change, I call in and the call is answered within 2 minutes by Zainab. Initially she offered to add for me, but I requested she help me do it online. This was completed successfully and I was able to complete the How To section and the start of this page.


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