Interpet FISH POD 120

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Video: Adding more fish to the interpet 120

If you’re looking for a stunning curved glass aquarium that gives you a full view of your fish.


A perfect choice for households who are new to fishkeeping. This stylish aquarium is quiet, secure and ideal for anyone looking for a medium or large starter aquarium.

120L at 80 x 43 x 55cm (LxWxH) , other sizes are 64 and 48.


Interpet FISH POD Tropical Aquarium Fish Tank and cabinet. Wayne's AquaWorld

FISH POD is a curved front plus panoramic designed aquarium.


FLUVAL U2/U3/U4 Filter Maintenance Boost and Cleaning


Koi Angelfish

Koi Angelfish are rather rare strain of angelfish that has been bred for its mottled black and white coloration. Some may have gold markings on the head.

Koi Angelfish. Wayne's AquaWorldKoi Angelfish. Wayne's AquaWorld


Firemouth Cichlid(Thorichthys meeki)

A species of cichlid fish native to Central America. They occur in rivers of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, south through Belize and into northern Guatemala. They are one of the least aggressive type of Cichlid.

Firemouth Cichlid. Wayne's AquaWorld

They will grow between 5 and 6 inches.


Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami - Trichogaster lalius. ... Similar size and gets on well with the honey.

Dwarf Gourami - Trichogaster lalius. Wayne's AquaWorld


Bristlesnose pleco

Eats Algae is always appearing on the glass, plants and glass.

Native to freshwater habitats in South America and Panama, and has a sucker mouth.

Bristlenose plecostomus or suckermouth Ancistrus catfish, which has a sucker mouth

The next morning I could not believe how much of the brown algae had gone, the fish even goes up leaves and the glass to is spotless.


Yoyo Loach

The yoyo loach, Almora loach or Pakistani loach is a freshwater fish originating from the slow-running and still waters of the Ganges basin in northern India and possibly Nepal.

They can grow to be about 6" long, including their tails.

Yoyo Zebra Loach


Pearl Gourami

A peaceful fish native to Southeast Asia.

fish,topical,Pearl Gourami




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